Cynthia Schwartzberg



Cynthia is likely training a group of therapists to heal the world.

Why are we here?

To live and add to creation.   We are all connected and in that connection we have choice to expand and support the never ending unfoldment of creation.  As we contribute with love, compassion and understanding we give to life. We give love. We give harmony. How we we connect within to feel free and secure to do that based on our life experiences varies person to person.  We can all heal as long as we have the desire. And, in those states of secure sense of self/love we add to life, to growth, and to evolution.

Do you dance in the shower?

I love to dance in most places. When the song is in my head or playing I will certainly move to it with good footing.

what is your idea of fun?

Fun comes in many varieties, more choices than ice cream.   The discovery of life and experiencing life is fun. People, nature, animals and activities including but not limited to:  comedy, dance, kayaking, hiking, biking, working out, walking, and honestly I love my work because watching someone shift, grow and discover their greatness is amazing.

Pro Info:

My professional training started in high school as a volunteer for recreational rehabilitation. It continued at American University where I received my Bachelor of Art in Psychology mainly doing independent student work incorporating counseling and dance therapy into my studies. Upon graduating I realized in order to help others I needed to develop myself. I took a job in the advertising/marketing world while studying the Pathwork, a self-growth/self-transformational program and at the Institute of Core Energetics. Being in the business world is a great asset I bring to my clients. At the Institute of Core Energetics, I helped develop programs and had the opportunity to teach domestically and internationally, learning various cultures and deeply understanding the commonality of all humans. I furthered my training and teaching studies with Brainspotting and am presently a trainer. All these studies have given me a strong set of tools to develop exercises, classes and programs.


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