Dr. Drew Brazier



Dr. Drew can be found deep in the mountain backcountry, outnumbered by wildlife.

What is your favorite season?

I love Winter when it snows. I love Spring when it’s lively full of color. I love Summer when it’s full of life. I love Fall when it rains. I think it’s freaking incredible how enjoyable every season is.

What is your idea of fun?

Fun is when I can feel it in my bones…

Describe your dream vacation:

Being dropped from a helicopter in the middle of unknown mountains with the objective of finding my way out, or maybe I’ll just stay.

Pro Info:

The only recognition you’ll find on Dr. Drew’s wall are belt buckles for completing 100 mile trail races and his most highly regarded award of “Class Clown” from his senior of high school. Along the way he received awards at every level of college graduations, B.A. (Outstanding Researcher), M.A. (Most Outstanding University Graduate Student, which he still is uncertain as to the meaning of this one), and PsyD (Selected Student Speaker for University Graduation). Dr. Drew never cared about his GPA and still to this day has no clue what it was, rather he focused on practicality and being ready to help others.

Dr. Drew has run successful wellness, coaching, and therapy practices. He has created programs to help with healthy lifestyle, transformation, all the way to leadership success, and has coached multiple professional athletes and successful CEO’s. He has spoken as a keynote speaker on hundreds of stages. Since he was a kid, he has had a dream of helping people see how wonderful they are, and will not let down until he’s figured out the best methods to accomplish this.


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