Paige Roberts



Paige is on the highest peaks of snow capped mountains making alpine turns or the lowest river canyons riding white water rapids.

What is your favorite saying?

“Change is uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as staying the same” In both physical and mental exercise it is necessary to push ourselves everyday to expand on our performance capacity from the day before. I have always been an above and beyond kind of person. Everything I do, I push myself relentlessly to achieve greatness. It’s the “runner’s high” in every area of my life that I am seeking. Push your mind and body to the end to see how much further you can go!

What motto would best describe you?

“Nothing worth having is easily obtained or everyone would have it!” The greatest things in life are not given freely. You must be disciplined in your efforts to reach your goals! Sacrifice and hard work creates greatness! I am not one to tell anyone that something great will just fall in your lap. My first job was as a lifeguard at age 15 and I can honestly say I have never been without a job since. I ran and worked my way through college and have not slowed down since!

What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life to me is to serve my fellow humans and to be the best family member, dog mom, friend and coach to my clients I can! We are social being and without connection and love I would not be who I am or where I am today. I want nothing more than to share my neuro energy-light with my fellow humans and animals!

Pro Info:

I am a nervous system biohacker through and through! I am not afraid to look weird or nerdy when it comes to trying the latest and greatest sports medicine performance gadget. I was one of the first to wear a go wear fit health and sleep tracker for over 6 years straight. And unlike some, I can truly say I practice what I preach! I live a sober lifestyle packed with healthy vegan foods, epigenetic prescribed supplements to obtain full nervous system optimization! I am on a mission to create the healthiest, happiest and optimally performing society possible by leading you through my performance neuro training process!


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