What makes us tick?



We are obsessed with helping the world feel better everyday. One person at a time, sun up to sun down.

We believe that feeling good is a right for every human being and that everyone has their own awesomeness. We won’t stop until every person feels empowered to control their own emotional energy through awareness, mapping, shifting, and evolving.  We are guided by specific principles that determine how we go about our work.

  • Actionably Light.  We are aware that there are thousands of ideas and theories out there, but our aim is not to deliver “ideas”. Our goal is to always be leading  to action. We know that self-improvement and wellness can be a serious business but our wish is to remain light, pressure-free and fun.

  • Simply Empowered: Technology and science shouldn’t make your decisions for you nor confuse you. We provide clarity on human energy and precise action that gives you the best recommendations to feel empowered and fulfilled. Because fulfillment looks different for every person, our process is personalized.

  • Curiously Confident.  Technology has evolved much faster than the field of human sciences.  We want to harness cutting edge technology and use it to advance our understanding of happiness, well-being, and personal evolution. This can only be done if we always remain curious, strive to learn more, build better, and deliver faster.

  • Collectively Wise: Our founding team members have had the common goal of helping people ever since we were very young. Our diversified talents make it possible to build our vision to fruition.  At the same time we recognize that we must not rely solely on our experience. The collective wisdom of every person that touches our product is what will make this a revolution to change millions of lives.


Our Values



We are in this together and believe that no one should feel alone. We want to work to understand what you need and create experiences to support you along your life journey.



There is no hidden agenda. We don’t sell, share or trade your data. We remain open in our processes and will answer your questions.



We give to causes that help the community, the planet, equality, and social justice.



You are in control. We provide a tool that is built to help you feel empowered and confident in yourself.



Everyone is invited and we work to be culturally responsive to all.



We are committed to always strive to deliver the best methods possible to help you experience the best in life.