Based in beautiful Portland, Oregon with partners around the world, Mind Current is the world’s first app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to help shift your energy. Our story lives within every Mind Current user. In their minds, their hearts, and their happiness.


Bill Belanger
Mental wellness expert. Usually found meditating in China.

Dr. Elia Gourgouris
Leading expert on happiness. You can’t help but smile around him.

Dr Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri
Helping families on a social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual level. Mom first. Doctor second.

Dr. Alison Pope-Rhodius
Mental performance expert. Olympic coach. Maximizing the unique qualities of each individual’s performance.

Melissa Sutor
Helping people reconnect with their inner light and heal holistically. Cover model for Mindful magazine.


Sourabh Kothari
Co-Founder and CEO
Selling since high school. Executive producer of two Emmy-nominated programs.

Steve Arend
Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer
Builds tech. Builds companies. Committed to mapping the human brain.

Dr. Drew Brazier
Co-Founder and VP of Product
Therapist and coach for elite athletes and business executives. Great listener.

Daniel Cunningham
Co-Founder and VP of Data Science
Tried retiring after last IPO. Got bored. Considers this his most meaningful venture, ever.

Corinne Federer
Executive leader, investor, technologist, and blockchain evangelist. Slightly obsessed with details.

Todd Youngblood
Inventor and serial entrepreneur. Great father. Decent husband.